Country-level Results Frameworks in the Busan Partnership

The outcome document of the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (Busan, Rep. of Korea, Nov. 29 - Dec. 29 2011) explains in Art. 18 b), that "Where initiated by the developing country transparent, country-­led and country-­level results frameworks and platforms will be adopted as a common tool among all concerned actors to assess performance based on a manageable number of output and outcome indicators drawn from the development priorities and goals of the developing country".

Other Resources on Indicators

Human Rights Indicators - Main features of OHCHR conceptual and methodological framework The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recommends the development of structural, process and outcome indicators. This configuration of indicators should help assess the steps being taken by States in addressing their obligations – from commitments and acceptance of international human rights standards (structural indicators) to efforts being made to meet the obligations that flow from the standards (process indicators) and on to the results of those efforts (outcome indicators). Read more at OHCHR Framework.

The Millennium Development Goals Dashboard The MDG Dashboard, provided by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, displays the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Indicators in a user-friendly format, with colour-coded country profiles and maps. The Dashboard provides over 60 MDG indicators for ca. 200 countries and 19 years (1990-2009) based on original data from the UN MDG database, updated in October 2011.

Eurostat Check the Eurostat Database for indicators and data by theme and by EU Policy.

Google Public Data Explorer The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.

Sustainability Indicators of Nations The Sustainability Compendium: Sustainability Indicators of Nations1 presents a wide range of indicators, either used or under review.

Global Reporting Initiative The indicators used in the Global reporting initiative. These indicators matter for sustainable sector strategies, addressed at Sector Maps (Actor Atlas).

Sustainable Development Defined UNECE and OECD define sustainable development (SD)(of a society) as non-declining per capita wealth over time, and define stock and flow indicators, compare capital-based indicators and policy-based indicators, and propose a small set of SD indicators that might serve as a basis for international comparisons.2